The CN Tower,  the world’s free standing structure, the modern Seven Wonders of the World, had a foundation 22 feet deep, containing 9,200 cubic yards of concrete poured.


Build4Canada is experienced in constructing strong foundations…

Demolition and Excavation

Build4Canada Demolition/Excavation will demolish, nock it down…


Build4canada readily provide best shoring solutions…

Who We Are

Build 4 Canada – A Tradition Of Excellence

Whether you are building a custom home or large commercial property, we have the expertise, experience and know-how to set your project on a solid foundation. We offer free estimates on all projects and invite you to visit us on one of our current building sites.

Embedded in our culture of hard work, honesty, and getting the well done job, our history tells not only much about our past but also it does our present.

If you are confusing? Do not worry. We offer free consultation to help you make a decision with the best creativity and quality that you deserve.

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Solid Foundation

Turning great visions into projects since 2003. Build 4 Canada will build a solid foundations for all your projects.

Honest And Dependable

Our expert teams are selected specifically for each client, and they are highly trained, using ingenuity to solve problems creatively.

Quality Commitment

We let our quality work and commitment to customer satisfaction be our slogan.

We Are Always Improving

We strive to meet the needs of the world today without jeopardizing the needs of the world tomorrow.


…this was a very unique construction project with unique challenges to be overcome, and Fahim did an excellent job of surmounting those challenges with a combination of novel approaches and hard work.

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